About Us


As strong as steel.

Gulf Coast Structural Steel and Fabricators is a single source for structural steel and sheet metal fabrication and construction. We’ve become one of the region’s largest providers for one reason: trust. Industrial customers know they can rely on us to meet their exact specifications and requirements, regardless of scope, size or complexity.

With our recent $1 million capital expansion, our capacity has increased to more than 350 tons of industrial fabrication per month. Our fully modernized, 35,000-square-foot shop yields superior quality, accuracy and rapid turnaround on even the largest projects, with custom fabrication completed in as few as 24-36 hours.

Gulf Coast Structural Steel and Fabricators employs a team of 30 highly skilled craft workers, including experienced welders who can perform hundreds of certified welding procedures on any type of alloy. Rigorous planning, sequencing and quality controls promote productivity, eliminate delays and assure projects stay on budget.